Augustusplatz and Cityscape Webcam in Leipzig

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Augustusplatz and Cityscape Webcam in Leipzig

Leipzig in Germany is renowned for being a city that has been home to some of the most outstanding classical music composers of all time. Whether there’s something in the water there or it was just one of those inexplicable quirks of life where like-minded people flock together who knows. If Wagner, Bach, Mahler, Schumman and Mendelsshon were drawn there to create, it has to have something uniquely special. But as human nature goes, it probably wasn’t the water of Leipzig that attracted them but the beer. Gose beer, a fermented brew flavoured with salt and coriander first made in the 13th century, may not have originated in Leipzig, but it’s one the city’s residents developed a taste for. If imbibing Gose inspires genius creativity – prost – let’s drink to that.¬†

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