Bad Langensalza Rooftop views

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Bad Langensalza Rooftop views

You’ll be in your element watching this live feed from Bad Langensalza in Germany – if you’re a roof tiler by trade. As the webcam pans over the town’s rooftops, it shows just about every size and shape of roof going.

Bad Langensalza is a spa town with an historic center of archaic German timber-frame houses. The local builders knew how to put a roof on to last even back then. While there might be a crooked wall here and there, as you’ll notice on the feed, the roofs are in tip-top condition with not a single tile missing. It might be satisfying perfection for roof tilers, but for any other viewer of the Bad Langensalza webcam, well, it’s just a fascinating look at – roofs.

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