Kos Harbour Webcam

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Kos Harbour Webcam

If you were planning on sailing away to the Greek Dodecanese islands, you might well drop anchor in Kos harbor after a goodly few days of navigating.

Kos is the third largest in this group of over one hundred and fifty islands which is, geographically at least, closer to Turkey than it is to the Greek mainland. While this webcam of Kos harbor may create a peaceful impression, it’s something of a false one.

Kos and it’s people, past and present, have long since been accustomed to mass invasion. Historically occupied by Persians, Genoeses, Ottomans and Romans, these days Kos’s streets and beaches are thronged by tourists from all over the world. And who can blame anyone for wanting to be there when there’s ouzo on ice to be had in a waterfront taverna where even the clocks can’t be bothered to tell the time.

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