Omonoia Square Webcam, Athens

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Omonoia Square Webcam, Athens

There’s one question you may well ask when viewing this webcam streaming from Omonoia Square in Athens. The question will probably be – why is it called a square when it’s a circle?

For an important historic plaza in Greece’s capital city, Omonoia Square suffered from decades of neglect, but has now been returned to its former glory. The most exciting feature of Omonoia Square, apart from the traffic going round and round, is the central fountain.

Omonoia Square fountain is a refreshing spectacular with nearly two-hundred jets that shoot water over sixty feet into the air. There’s hope it will help filter some of the contaminants from the air. Considering the level of pollution in Athens, that may be wishful thinking and asking just a little too much of a few hundred litres of water.

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