Cromer Pier Cams

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Cromer Pier Cams

There’s nothing quite like a bracing whiff of British sea air. Walking the boardwalk of a pier with the waves crashing below is the perfect place to get some.

Cromer Pier first opened to the public in the early 1900s and has been a source of entertainment in the Norfolk resort town ever since. Its purpose has changed over the years from just somewhere to sit, to a place to listen to band music, to a roller skating rink and now its pavilion houses a theatre.

If there’s one thing that makes a British seaside resort truly British, it’s a pier. The pier in Cromer is one of the best pleasure piers in the country. Even the National Pier Society agrees with that!

16 thoughts on “Cromer Pier Cams

  1. loving the view looking back to the town , so good to be able to look round during lockdown.
    looking forward to being there in person when we are allowed.
    Andy Laing

  2. Great view and helps to show how nice it is to live here and to encourage visitors, just a shame that of all the webcams i look at this one always seems to be at fault. Sheringham’s one is perfect all the time . Even after reporting this time and time again nothing seems to be done about it. Someone must be in charge ?.

  3. My wife and I are looking forward to a week’s holiday in Cromer in April 2022 and to seeing and walking on the pier.

  4. Such a shame that this webcam isn’t as good as it used to be. Blink and you miss the view. Visit Cromer several times a year and in the past it has been so nice to visit via the webcam in between those visits.
    Need to do better. Suggest changing webcam provider.

  5. Why does the camera on Cromer Pier never work correctly despite being reported many times. Today all we get is a close up of a window. Why can’t this be fixed?

  6. It is about time the owners of this webcam did their duty and fixed this camera. It has been reported many times and all the reports have been ignored. This is the worst camera on the whole of the Norfolk coast!

  7. Had hoped to see the start of the Pier to Pier charity walk today but doesn’t look as though the cam is working agreat pity as I am in Gloucestershire and my son is walking and helping to raise funds for this great cause.

  8. This new view is looking from the Coastguard hut at East Runton swinging around to Cromer Pier. Great to be able to see the conditions at Sea and on the Beach

  9. I agree with Paul. Have really enjoyed the view of the pier and promenade over the last few months. Please turn the camera back to the way it was.

  10. I sent a message via the contact us page asking about the camera angle and if it can be reverted as I also preferred the previous view. No one has replied.

    1. Hi – We don’t operate this camera, it’s from – they might be able to help you with this query.

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