Christchurch Harbour from Mudeford Sandspit

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Christchurch Harbour from Mudeford Sandspit

For a picture postcard-style scene of England, it’s hard to beat this view streaming on the Christchurch harbour webcam from the Black House at Mudeford.

Christchurch is a small coastal town in the county of Dorset that sits on a peninsula between the Stour and Avon Rivers. While it may look quaint and quiet, it’s anything but as tourists and birds flock there to make the most of its beaches and the surrounding saltmarshes.

Sailing, fishing, birdwatching and watersports like windsurfing and kitesurfing feature somewhere on many folk’s list of things to do when visiting the area. Keep an eye on the Christchurch harbour feed and you’ll see this sleepy spot suddenly spring to life with a surprising amount of on and off-shore activity.

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One thought on “Christchurch Harbour from Mudeford Sandspit

  1. My partner and l love Mudeford. We live in North Hampshire and travel down when we can as my partner has heart failure and has good days and bad. During lockdown we called it our Virtual Holiday to spend a few hours watching the coming and goings of people which when we do get to Mudeford is what we do (people watch). Thank you.

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