Swanage Lifeboat and Station Webcams

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Swanage Lifeboat and Station Webcams

If a lifeboat is being launched then it’s never for a good reason unless it’s a practice run. Fingers crossed you won’t see the Swanage lifeboat sliding down the ramp on this webcam for any other purpose.

Swanage is a town on Great Britain’s south coast that, even though it’s a seaside resort with excellent beaches, has a great pier and off-shore limestone cliffs to rival any Greek resort, often gets overlooked in the popularity stakes for larger resorts nearby.

While you don’t want to see the lifeboat being launched on a rescue mission, you won’t want to miss the Swanage regatta at the end of July. It’s part of the town’s annual carnival celebration and truly, a sight for sore eyes.

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