Wookey Hole Cave Webcams

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Wookey Hole Cave Webcams

There are cityscape webcams, webcams focused on famous monuments and webcams of scenic views that are more than picture postcard worthy. All very nice, but once you’ve seen a few they can become run of the mill. This collection of cams streaming from the Wookey Hole Caves will show you something out of the ordinary.

It’s not often you get to travel into the depths of the earth via live feed. With these cams you can take a trip into the underworld of Somerset without running the risk of encountering Hades and come out the other side smiling. The limestone caverns are over ninety metres deep and adorned with unusual stalagmites and stalactites. One, that resembles a witch turned to stone, has inspired plenty of creepy legends over time. If you think that sounds a bit cheesy, it’s not as cheesy as the aroma emanating from the cave’s cheese tunnel where there are countless wheels of Cheddar cheese maturing. If Wallace and Gromit weren’t such fans of Yorkshire Wensleydale, they’d think this place was heaven.

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