Sidmouth Scenic Beach Webcams

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Sidmouth Scenic Beach Webcams

Sidmouth in southwest England may be known as the gateway to the Jurassic Coast, but you won’t see any dinosaurs wandering past on these webcams. What you will see is parts of the Devon coastline that are the epitome of the word scenic and maybe the odd live, overcoat-wearing fossil strolling along the seafront promenade.

Sidmouth has been a popular seaside resort for hardy Brits since the Victorian era. It hasn’t changed much since then and is unlikely to in the future as it’s now a conservation area. Whether the bracing breezes blowing in off the English Channel are the reason many greats of British literature have found Sidmouth to be inspiring is unsure, but they have. Among those that have visited the town and recreated it, and the surrounding landscapes, in their works are J.R.R Tolkein, H.G. Wells and Elizabeth Barret Browning. If you’re a wordsmith stuck for words, head for Sidmouth and the sea air may well help to blow away the cobwebs of that dreaded affliction known as writer’s block.

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