Portsmouth Harbour Views from HMS Warrior

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Portsmouth Harbour Views from HMS Warrior

You’ll get a bird’s eye view of Portsmouth Harbour with this live feed from high up in the masts of HMS Warrior. The rigging does get in the way a bit on occasion and can leave you feeling like a ship’s lookout, but the 19th century frigate is at anchor so don’t panic if you don’t have sea legs.

Portsmouth Harbour has been a haven for all types of shipping from around the world for hundreds of years and continues to be today. You won’t see any old boats on this Portsmouth Harbour webcam streamed by the HMS Warrior preservation trust, it’ll be all modern maritime traffic cruising in and out. History is never far away though and you will get a glimpse of the old smugglers den, the Spice Island Inn, where seafaring folk and landlubbers alike have been quaffing beer for over three hundred years.

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