Chichester Cathedral Peregrine Falcon Nest Cams

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Chichester Cathedral Peregrine Falcon Nest Cams

Peregrine falcons are swiftly becoming one of the most popular bird species to focus a webcam on and with good reason. They’re amazing. And because they tend to nest in precariously high places, you often get a great cityscape or scenic view on the same cam too which is a win-win situation all round.

This falcon cam is streaming from one of the turrets of Chichester Cathedral, a 12th century building in the city of Chichester in the county of West Sussex in southern England. The exact height of the turret is a mystery, but leave the cam sound on and the wind whistling through the crenels and fluffing the falcon’s feathers will give you a good idea. How many eggs is this falcon incubating? That’s also a mystery so you’ll have to wait for it to fly off the nest in search of food to find out.

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