Port of Baltimore (Francis Scott Key Bridge) Webcam

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Port of Baltimore (Francis Scott Key Bridge) Webcam

Tragedies come in all shapes and sizes and in most cases are totally unexpected. The destruction of the Francis Scott Key Bridge by a cargo ship on the 26th March, 2024, definitely falls into that “unexpected” category.

The Key Bridge, a steel arched truss bridge spanning the Patapsco River in Baltimore, Maryland, opened way back in 1977. It’s been stoically fulfilling its designated purpose of providing a viable link for millions of vehicles a year between the communities of Hawkins Point and Dundalk ever since. Or at least it was until MV Dali, a Sri Lanka-bound container ship, sailing out of the Port of Baltimore, went out of control and crashed into one of the bridge’s supporting pillars.

Recovery operations are in progress, but are going to take quite some time. While you’re watching those unfold on a daily basis on this live feed, contemplate the fact that this is not the first accident the MV Dali has been involved in, although it’s undoubtedly the worst. Our thoughts go out to those who lost their lives in this unfortunate accident. And our heartfelt sympathy and sincere condolences to the families affected by this unexpected tragedy.  

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5 thoughts on “Port of Baltimore (Francis Scott Key Bridge) Webcam

  1. Grateful for the US Army Corps of Engineers and their welcome expertise and assessments and their willingness to acknowledge with respect the first responders efforts. Their professional attitude to the job at hand and can do spirit are inspiring. In my prayers , Army Engineers, divers, iron workers, watermen, for safety and protection.
    Thank you

  2. WELL DONE ! The combined effort of the US Army Corps of Engineers, the Tugboat Captains & Crews, the US Coast Guard, the Port of Virginia, the watermen was awesome. Thank God for your safety and protection.

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