Colwell Bay, Hurst Castle and Hurst Point Lighthouse Webcam

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Colwell Bay, Hurst Castle and Hurst Point Lighthouse Webcam

If you have fond memories of a holiday on the Isle of Wight, you’ll love this webcam even if half of the views are of the Hampshire coast on the other side of the Solent.

You won’t need to get your holiday photos out as this live feed is akin to a flip book made of Colwell Bay postcards. The scenes whizz past at a furious rate so by the time you’ve recognised one spot, it’s flicked on to another. The famous landmark called the Needles comes into view for a split second then you’re sped across the water, faster than Dr Spock could say beam me up Scotty, to the Hurst Point Lighthouse and Hurst Castle, a 16th century fortress on the far side of the Needles Passage. Hold onto your hat, because in thirty seconds flat, you’ll have done an entire day of sightseeing. Don’t be surprised if you hear the wind whistling in your ears. It’s one of the disadvantages of time warp travel.

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One thought on “Colwell Bay, Hurst Castle and Hurst Point Lighthouse Webcam

  1. A strange question but last night, the 23 July @ 23.44 hrs I saw 5 or 6 lights circling over Keyhaven marshes. There were no beams and no sounds and they were above light clouds. I wondered whether any of your webcams look towards the marshes and if so whether any have 24 hour recording?
    I don’t expect that you can help, but?

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