Overcombe Beach Webcam

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Overcombe Beach Webcam

There’s really nothing quite like watching a tranquil beach scene where gentle waves lap against the shore to send you into a relaxed and meditative mode. This view of Overcombe Beach on the UK’s Dorset coast certainly does that or at least it does until the water sports enthusiasts arrive and scrunch, scrunch, scrunch across the shingle as they head for the water. If the cam had sound then that would be the moment to mute it and enjoy the action in continued peace and quiet. It doesn’t so you’ll just need to turn off your imagination instead.

Overcombe Beach’s pebbly spread lines part of Weymouth Bay and is a popular spot for windsurfing, kite surfing and kayaking. The beach is dog friendly too so the adventure sports fans don’t get the place all to themselves. Watching surfers and kayakers carrying their equipment down to the water’s edge while trying not to get tangled up in extending dog leads can be quite entertaining so stay tuned for the fun.

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