Seaton Tramway Webcams

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Seaton Tramway Webcams

There are ways to go sightseeing and then there are even better ways to go sightseeing. The Seaton tramway in Devon definitely falls into the second category.

The open-topped vintage trams operate along a three mile track in the Axe Valley. There are three stations on the electrified narrow gauge line and they are Seaton, Colyford and Colyton. The best parts of the half hour journey are between the stations when the tram passes by the Axe River estuary. That’s a top spot for bird spotting where there are regular sightings of wading birds like curlews and sandpipers. Get off the tram at Seaton and you’ll encounter another bird species. Leave the Seaton Station cam sound on and you’ll get an inkling of just which species it is. Yes, you guessed it. It’s the one you need to hide your chips from. Duck!

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2 thoughts on “Seaton Tramway Webcams

  1. Hello,

    You usedu to have a much more interesting webcam position at the Riverside Depot showing the estuary. Now it is an uninteresting camera view inside your station with a great bulbours bit of building to the left restricting the view.

    The view at Colyford is more interesting but the camera needs to be further back showing the station as well.

    You could also have one of those cameras that shifts position to different angles on a sequence. Taking in the estuary from the tram side and the bird sanctuary areas.
    From a height of one of your line poles.

    A lot more could be done with your web cameras than you have at present. You need to maximise the situation.

  2. Why has the Riverside camera been unavailable for so long. It was the most interesting of your cameras and surely a superb advert.

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