Rail Cams in Delft

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Rail Cams in Delft

Delft is a city in the west of Holland that, while it might not be so renowned as the country’s capital, can easily competes with Amsterdam on several levels. Great architecture, including plenty of those beautiful gingerbread-style houses, and canals running alongside its streets. While Amsterdam may lay claim to the country’s famous blooms, Delft produces something much more lasting. Delftware, that instantly recognizable chunky blue and white painted pottery, is as emblematic of the Netherland’s as tulips are and has been produced in Delft for centuries.

Delft really is an amazing Dutch city and if you clicked into this collection of Delft webcams to take a look around, tough luck. This collection of webcams are for train aficionados only. All you’ll see are the trains rolling in as they make their way between the neighbouring cities of Hague and Rotterdam, a steady stream of vehicles whizzing past on the motorway in the background and the odd pigeon or sparrow. Don’t get too excited over the appearance of birdlife. Pigeons and sparrows look exactly the same in Delft as they do anywhere else.

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