Bellevue 2nd Street Station Webcam


Bellevue 2nd Street Station Webcam

Whether 2nd Street Station in Bellevue, Iowa, should still be called a station is debatable. The only trains that still use the track that runs down the middle of 2nd Street are freight trains and if you keep watching, you’ll see they don’t stop, they just roll right by.

The old station building has been put to good use though and now houses the 2nd Street Station Restaurant who are kind enough to stream this cam. It’s the perfect spot in Bellevue to stop off for a slice of pizza and a beer while doing a bit of trainspotting. You couldn’t get closer to the trains if you tried. You’ll need to hold tight to your glass though, especially if you’re in a window seat, or the vibrations from the passing heavyweight trains will send it jiggling across the table and crashing to the floor. 

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