Wind Farm and Highway Views Near Zeewolde

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Wind Farm and Highway Views Near Zeewolde

It’s good to see a country making full use of modern technology to harness a natural resource and produce power ecologically. That’s great for the environment, but as you can see on this live feed of a wind farm near Zeewolde in the Netherlands streamed by Skipper 93, turbines just don’t add the same scenic factor to the landscape as an old fashioned windmill does.

While this cam may initially appear to be static, it’s not. It does change angles on occasion, but at a much slower rate than the spinning blades on the wind turbines. Is it worth sticking with the cam to see what else comes into view? If you’re waiting to see a hill or any other landmark, probably not as there’s only one word to describe the Zeewolde landscape and that is flat.¬†

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