Rigi Staffel Railway Station on the Vitznau–Rigi Railway

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Rigi Staffel Railway Station on the Vitznau–Rigi Railway

To get the most viewing pleasure out of this webcam streaming from the Rigi Staffel station in central Switzerland, you’ll need to be patient and wait until the ads are done. Believe it, it’s worth the minute’s wait as the alpine scenery around the station is about as breathtaking as mountain scenery gets.

The Rigi Staffel station is the last stop on the seven kilometre long track that runs alongside Lake Lucerne from Vitznau to Rigi. Not only is the line one of the most scenic in Europe, it’s also the oldest as the rack railway has been operating since 1871. While the portion of the track you can see on the live feed looks relatively level, there are parts that are so steep they’re almost as thrilling as a white-knuckle ride. But who minds clinging to their seat, or waiting for an advert to finish, when the scenery is as beautiful as this? 

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