Brown Avenue, Chihshang & Duoliang Station, Taitung

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Brown Avenue, Chihshang & Duoliang Station, Taitung

Brown Avenue may sound like a street in some US city like New York, but it’s actually a good few thousand kilometers away, on a completely different continent and in Chihshang in Taiwan.

Brown Avenue is a cycle path and walkway that cuts through the rice fields on the outskirts of the Chihshang township. It’s a stunningly scenic spot and very popular with the locals who you’ll see enjoying a sedate stroll on ‘the green road to paradise’ or whizzing along like maniacs in electrically powered tuk tuks.

If you join the feed and everyone is standing grouped together as still as statues, don’t worry, they haven’t been turned to stone, it just means a spectacular sunset is imminent.

The Pacific views on the webcam of the Duoliang Station in Taitung are not quite as much fun as Brown Avenue, but they’re pretty decent. That said though, if you’re a train spotter hoping to catch sight of a train coming out of the tunnel, you’ll be in for a long wait. Train services on this line stopped fifteen years ago and the station is now just a viewing deck.

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