Agama Lizard Cam in the Hotel Cosmopolitan, Brno

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Agama Lizard Cam in the Hotel Cosmopolitan, Brno

Spend the night at the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Brno, Czechia, and not only will you be in the perfect place to set out sightseeing the city from, you’ll be able to do some wildlife spotting without even leaving the premises.

The Cosmopolitan Hotel has a resident Agama lizard that, while it doesn’t have its own room with en suite bathroom, it does have a luxurious terrarium with all kinds of lizard-friendly mod cons. While this dragon lizard may seem to do nothing more than bask on the rock beneath its heat lamp chomping on the odd grasshopper or two, that can’t be said for the rest of the species. Agamas have a special tail that enables them to change direction mid jump and that’s something that’s currently being studied by engineers. What use that research will be once it’s completed still remains to be seen, but no doubt it will come in handy for something sometime in the future.  

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