Bratislava Cityscape Webcam

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Bratislava Cityscape Webcam

Bratislava, the Slovakian capital, is a charming city with a very attractive 18th century Old Town at its heart. Not that that is very apparent from this webcam view. On this live feed all you can spy is the more modern structures of the Bratislava skyline and the road system that circumvents them.

Bratislava occupies a spot on the banks of the River Danube a hair’s breadth from the borders of Hungary and Austria. It’s so close to both that if either border expanded a couple of centimetres, Bratislava would no longer be in Slovakia. That’s a fact that makes it unique as it’s the only capital city in the world to be bordered by two different countries. While the composer Mozart is reputed to have visited Bratislava as a child, the sight of the Danube winding its way through the city didn’t inspire him to pen a waltz in its honour. He left that for Johann Strauss to do instead. Could well be that the Danube was bluer in the mid-19th century in Austria and, looking at the view of the muddy-looking waterway on the far left of this cam, quite possibly still is.

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