Otrokovická Beseda Cultural Centre Webcam, Otrokovice

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Otrokovická Beseda Cultural Centre Webcam, Otrokovice

Otrokovice is a town with a history that dates back to the 12th century although it has no mediaeval monuments or buildings from that period. The town’s newest landmark is St Adalbert’s Church which was built in the mid-1990s and the square turret of which is just visible to the left of the screen.

While the Otrokovická Beseda Cultural Centre is the focus of this webcam streaming from the town of Otrokovice in Czechia, it’s the car park that fronts it which will undoubtedly grab attention. As car parks go, it’s quite a nice one. The regimental rows of trees certainly break up the grey of the tarmac with a much needed splash of green. But even though the parking spaces are clearly marked, no one seems to take much notice of the lines or the designated route in and out. Keep watching and you’ll find it gets quite interesting.

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