Swallow’s Nest Castle in Haspra, Crimea

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Swallow’s Nest Castle in Haspra, Crimea

It’s a shame you can’t see from this cam view just how precariously balanced on the edge of a steep cliff the Swallow Nest Castle really is. If you could, you may well think it was only prevented from sliding down by a witch’s will or a black magic spell.

Built in 1912, this decidedly Gothic-looking castle is perched atop a forty meter straight drop into the Black Sea on the Haspra coastline of the Crimean peninsula. The castle looks bigger on the cam than it actually is as it measures no more than twenty meters by ten and inside there’s only three rooms and a foyer. Still they’re rooms with incredibly uninterrupted views. If the Black Sea and nothing else was what Baron von Steingel dreamt of seeing from his personal fortress window, he certainly chose the perfect location to fulfil his dream.

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