Wildwood Sign and Boardwalk Webcam

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Wildwood Sign and Boardwalk Webcam

There’s one way local authorities can make sure visitors to their city don’t forget the name of the place they’re visiting. How? By installing a massive sign in one of its most scenic and frequented spots, that’s how.

Head to the seafront in Wildwood, New Jersey, to take a snapshot of the beach or take a tram ride along the boardwalk and there’s no confusing this location for any other. At just over twenty-four metres long and around six metres high, the aluminium sign spelling out the city’s name is unmissable. It’s not the only thing that decorates the boardwalk either. Yes, they really are bollards painted to resemble beach balls. While it’s good to know some city architects have a sense of humour, those concrete bollards, while they don’t bounce, do serve a useful purpose. That’s preventing anyone from parking in front of the sign and spoiling the, otherwise uninterrupted, view of the iconic Wildwoods sign.

Why does the sign read Wildwoods and not just Wildwood? Because it represents the four individual barrier island neighbourhoods of North Wildwood, West Wildwood, Wildwood and Wildwood Crest. There may no longer be wild woods anywhere in the vicinity, but there’s certainly a lot of wild rides and fun to be had along the two and a half mile long, wooden planked boardwalk.

Note: Unless you’re a fan of the screech of seagulls, indistinct crowd murmurings, the distant but very present sound of fairground amusements and the odd, ear-splitting scream, muting the sound makes for more peaceful viewing.

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