Rotating Views from the City of Stara Zagora

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Rotating Views from the City of Stara Zagora

With this live feed you can take a spin around the city of Stara Zagoria in Bulgaria and it’ll be a quick merry-go-round spin too as the views change roughly every five seconds.

On this whirligig of a webcam Stara Zagora looks like a thoroughly modern city, but it’s not. The terrains the city has been built on have been inhabited since Neolithic times and there are plenty of ruins to prove it. As they had a tendency to do, the Romans also left their mark on Stara Zagora and the amphitheatre they constructed, although not one hundred percent in its original condition, is still used today for theatrical and operatic performances. While you won’t spot the ruins on this cam, you will get a glimpse of the 21st century cultural addition to the city – a state-of-the-art multipurpose, and very geometrically colourful, skatepark.

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