Unirii Square Webcam, Bucharest

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Unirii Square Webcam, Bucharest

If there’s one square in the capital city of Romania where it’s all happening, then it’s in the Piata Unirii. The movement of vehicle and pedestrian traffic is constant though the same can’t be said for the water supply in the fountains.

Unirii Square in Bucharest has all the vital factors to make it a center of city activity. Seated park areas, tree-lined pathways and a huge commercial mall. Bus, train and taxi stops are just a few paces away so shoppers don’t need to walk far when overloaded with purchases before catching their transport home. 

Who needs continuously spurting fountains when a square is that well organized? If they worked, they’d probably be far too much of a distraction to the thousands of drivers streaming past so switching them off could well be a sensible Romanian road safety measure.

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