Seaside Heights Boardwalk Webcam

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Seaside Heights Boardwalk Webcam

While it may be called Seaside Heights, this neighbourhood on the Jersey Shore of Ocean County, New Jersey in the US, is actually at sea level. And as you can see on this live feed, the city’s popular boardwalk is less than a stone’s throw from the ocean waves.

What’s on offer in Seaside Heights is the same thing that draws the crowds to seaside locations all over the world. A breath of fresh sea air, a walk along the prom, maybe a bit of fishing from the pier and if a catch isn’t caught, there’s always some tasty grab-and-go fast food to be had close by. When you don’t hook your supper there’s nothing wrong with substituting it with a corn dog followed by sugar candy for desert. Just make sure to enjoy the amusement park before eating. Thrill rides and junk food really don’t mix well.

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