Macumba Beach Views from the Rico Point Kiosk

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Macumba Beach Views from the Rico Point Kiosk

It’s hard to imagine that places like Macumba Beach exist so close to enormous Brazilian cities like Rio de Janeiro, but this cam is proof they do. Macumba Beach is just outside the limits of a city which spreads its urban reach for over one-thousand two-hundred square kilometres. While Macumba Beach isn’t an unexploited stretch of sand by any means, this live feed streaming from a kiosk on Rico Point does show the wilder side of this part of Brazil’s South Atlantic coastline.

Walk across the sand bank to the Pedro de Pontal, or the Pontal Stone, the rocky island that comes into view as the cam pans, and you’ll be able to hike around the mini nature reserve and look across the water to Rio de Janeiro in the distance. It’s a peaceful spot to sit and contemplate what life is like in a city with almost seven million inhabitants as long as not too many other people get there before you.

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