Skyglass Platform Webcam in Canela

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Skyglass Platform Webcam in Canela

At first glance the Skyglass platform looks like a suspension bridge under construction. It’s not though. This impressive observation deck juts out across the Ferradura Valley near Canela in central Brazil and is one hundred percent complete.

Hold onto your chair because the Skyglass’s statistics will probably induce a dose of virtual vertigo. The deck, made from glass and steel, is thirty-five metres long and hangs three-hundred and sixty metres above the valley floor. While standing on the edge admiring the view is enough for most people, there’s one more thrill hardened adrenaline junkies can take if they dare. On the underside of the platform is a type of theme park-style monorail ride called the Abused that takes passengers on a stomach-churning ride. The ride lasts two and a half minutes and doesn’t go faster than three kilometres per hour so people can enjoy the view – if they’re brave enough to open their eyes.

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