Naga Cable Park Webcam, Jaguariúna

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Naga Cable Park Webcam, Jaguariúna

Drop by this live feed streaming from the Naga Cable Park in Jaguariúna, Brazil, when the park is closed and you may think all it has to offer is a peaceful lake scene. You’d be wrong. Come back when the park is open and you’ll discover a more active scenario.

Naga Cable Park becomes a hive of aquatic activity after opening time. Gone is the tranquil lake view as adventurous visitors test their skills at wakeboarding, wakeskating, kneeboarding and water skiing. Those who are adept at staying upright on a plank of wood as it whizzes across the water head straight for the park’s rotating five-tower system. You need to be adept to try it too as hook onto that cable system and you’ll be propelled at a constant speed of 30km/h. That’s fast, but not as fast as a Brazilian free-tailed bat which can fly at speeds up to 160km/h. Could that be the reason there’s no wakeboarding after dark? Probably not, but never mind, it was an interesting fact to find out anyway.

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