Martim de Sá Beach Webcam in Caraguatatuba

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Martim de Sá Beach Webcam in Caraguatatuba

Caraguatatuba, more commonly known as Caraguá because its proper name is far too long to say frequently, might not be Copacabana, but it does have some redeeming features. The best of them is the one you can see on this live feed and that’s Martim de Sá Beach.

Caraguá is a sprawling city that spreads its reach around the broad sweep of Caraguatatuba Bay on Brazil’s southeast coast. Stand with your back to the land and the seascapes could lead you to believe you were on a desert island. It wouldn’t take long to spoil that illusion as Caraguá is home to over a hundred and twenty thousand people. What do the majority of those people do on a weekend? Yes, you guessed it, head straight for Martim de Sá Beach and quite frankly, who can blame them?

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