Belém – Bay and Cityscape View Webcam

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Belém – Bay and Cityscape View Webcam

Belém in northeastern Brazil may be a hundred or so kilometres from the nearest Atlantic coastline, but it’s surrounded by enough water to make it one of the busiest ports in the country.

Belém occupies around a 1000km² of territory, edged by the broad waters of Guajará Bay and the Guamá River, that one and a half million people call home. If the waters you can see on this cam look muddy, it’s because they are. Guajará Bay is part of the Amazon Delta and that’s a murky-brown splotch that’s visible from space. While you probably wouldn’t want to plan on swimming in those waters if you were there, Belém does compensate in other ways – especially if you love fruit. Belém is known as the City of Mangoes and mango trees grow all over the city. In Belém you don’t need to go to the local market to stock up, you just go out and pick your own.

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