Lebyazhy Waterpark Webcam

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Lebyazhy Waterpark Webcam

Imagine going to a water park in Belarus where even summertime temperatures don’t rise much above 20°C and winter is decidedly chilly. If you don’t turn blue or start shivering at the thought then you’re probably someone who enjoys cold showers or has Nordic ancestry somewhere in their genealogical make-up.

Go to the water park in Lebyazhy, which is near Minsk in the centre of the country, and you won’t need to put a thermal swimsuit on to enjoy this incredible installation as it’s all indoors and heated. Watch the feed long enough and you’ll even be able to see the atmospheric and aquatic temperatures too– if you can read Belarusian that is. If you can’t, no worries, because if the antics on the lazy river don’t make you break out in a sweat, the sight of folks bathing in the jacuzzi pools just might. They may, in fact, even make your screen steam up as they’re really not shy in Belarus.

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