Ostrów Wielkopolski City Cams

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Ostrów Wielkopolski City Cams

There are some city names that have a certain poet ring to them when you say them out loud. Ostrów Wielkopolski in central Poland is definitely one of them – if you can pronounce Ostrów Wielkopolski that is. Raszkowska Street and Limanowskiego Church don’t exactly roll off the tongue either, but after a few attempts at saying the names, it does get easier.

Ostrów Wielkopolski has a dark and troubled history, but it’s people have always shown great resilience. The city was the birth of the Polish Resistance movement during the era of Russian occupation and the Polish Underground also operated in the city during WW2. Thankfully, the people of this beautiful city are now free to enjoy it as they should and in relative peace too – unless they’re driving down Raszkowska Street. You need a fighting spirit to cope with that traffic junction.

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