Wrigley Field Baseball Stadium Entrance Cam in Chicago

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Wrigley Field Baseball Stadium Entrance Cam in Chicago

If you’re checking out this webcam to try and get a sneaky peak at the Chicago Cubs playing a home game, you’re going to be out of luck. All you’ll see are the queues of folks waiting for the gates to open so they can get to their seats before the players file out onto the field and the first ball is pitched. That can sometimes take a while as the stadium can hold over forty thousand. If you like people watching then you’ll enjoy this live feed.

The entrance to the Wrigley Field Baseball Stadium is quite decorative as far as stadiums go. Although that said, the red terracotta tiles and red and yellow signage do make it look a little like an out of date Chinese restaurant, but one without hanging lanterns. Not that there’s any mistaking what goes on inside as the stadium has been hosting Cubs games since it was opened over a century ago. 

The stadium is named after the industrialist, William Wrigley Jr, yes – that Mr. Wrigley of chewing gum fame, who invested in the Cubs back in the 1920s. Although Mr. Wrigley departed this world in 1932 and the stadium and its team are now managed by others, his presence is still felt. No it’s not a ghostly one, but one that’s often experienced by the stadium cleaners when they’re cleaning gum deposits from under the seating.

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