Moonshine Mountain Coaster Cams in Gatlinburg

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Moonshine Mountain Coaster Cams in Gatlinburg

This rollercoaster may be located on Moonshine Mountain near Gatlinburg in Tennessee, but moonshine is one thing you wouldn’t want to take a tipple of before you got on it. It’s dizzying enough without adding intoxication to the thrill factor.

The Moonshine Mountain coaster is a wild ride in more ways than one as it winds its way through the pine forest. The ride is short, but the sleds can reach speeds of up to thirty miles an hour so, although the surrounding Smoky Mountains scenery is stunning, it all whizzes past in a blur. Here’s an interesting fact – black bears, at top speed, can run at thirty miles an hour. If you’re planning on going on the coaster, don’t worry. The 360º loop is renowned for generating some seriously blood curdling screams. Which, in this neck of the woods, is a bonus as it scares the bears away.

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