Baku City Webcam

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Baku City Webcam

This live feed of Jeyhun Salimov Street in Baku will give you a good idea of just how smoggy the capital of Azerbaijan is.

Baku is twenty-eight metres below sea level so doesn’t receive any pleasant mountain breezes to blow away the pollution emitted by the vehicles of its two-million plus inhabitants or its numerous industrial sites.

Although you can’t see them on this webcam there are three things in Baku that shine pristine clean even through the smog. The Flame Towers are three skyscrapers constructed to represent fire, flames or flares of natural gas. They look more other-worldly than any of those three things until it gets dark when they’re illuminated with flickering LED displays. They’re a sight to be seen and one that certainly sets Baku’s night sky on fire.

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