LLanelli Wetland Centre Wildlife Feeding Webcam

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LLanelli Wetland Centre Wildlife Feeding Webcam

The Llanelli Wetland Centre is a four-hundred and fifty acre refuge for wildlife in south Wales. Those extensive damp acres contain numerous lagoons, lakes and waterways that attract thousands of migratory birds including flocks of colourful flamingoes and mandarin ducks.

However, this webcam streamed by the Llanelli Wetland Centre focuses on a waterside feeding station mostly occupied by hungry pigeons, the occasional blue tit and a very smart squirrel or two. If you’re a birdspotter who was hoping to catch sight of a rare bittern, see the flash of a kingfisher speeding past or spy a willow warbler, don’t worry, all is not lost. Turn the volume up to the max and you can hear all sorts of birds tweeting, chirping, honking and hooting in the distance.

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