Barry Island Views

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Barry Island Views

Barry Island is a Welsh seaside resort that doesn’t close its proverbial doors at the end of summer, but stays open all year round to keep folks amused. It’s a great spot to film TV shows or exercise your dog too.

There are two things to thank O’Sheas Fish and Chip Shop in Whitmore Bay on Barry Island in Wales for. One is for serving up the great British seaside delicacy for seventy-five years. The second is for providing a webcam so viewing people eating their tasty takeaway while walking down the prom is possible. Nice job!

Whether you’re just out walking your dog on the sands, starring in a comedy hit like Gavin and Stacey or a sci-fi episode of Dr Who, the sure fact is – there’s no need to blow on your chips to cool them down before devouring them in winter.

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