Cadiz Beach Webcams

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Cadiz Beach Webcams

Ask most people what they know about Cadiz in Spain and you’ll mostly get the same answer. The answer would probably be along the lines of – it’s that big port city on Spain’s south coast from where the ferries sail to Morocco, Gibraltar and the Canary Islands. They wouldn’t be wrong, but take a look at these two webcams and you’ll soon realise there’s more to Cadiz than ferry terminals.

As a vacation destination Cadiz has been hiding its light under a bushel for decades, but maybe that’s a good thing. Go there and you won’t have to jostle for elbow room while snapping photos of the main attractions like its 18th century cathedral or its historic watchtowers. Better still, you won’t need to search for space on either of its fantastic beaches as they stretch for miles and aren’t overcrowded even in the height of summer. If you usually spend your holidays on the Costa del Sol, maybe it’s time to go a bit further afield because in Cadiz the one thing you’re guaranteed is room to breathe on the beach.

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