Laredo Views in Cantabria

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Laredo Views in Cantabria

Think of Spanish holiday locations that attract mass tourism and places like the Costa del Sol or the Costa Blanca usually spring to mind. This webcam is streaming from Cantabria though and miles away from Spain’s sunny southern shores.

Take a virtual tour of Laredo with this live feed and you’ll discover an off-shore island with limestone cliffs, a scenic fishing harbour, an historic fortress and immense stretches of golden sand backed by a multitude of high rise hotels. Yes, north-west Spain has its own version of Benidorm too.

But, hidden somewhere behind the hotels is Laredo’s one saving grace, the Puebla Vieja, a nucleus of cobbled streets lined with characterful buildings housing traditional tapas bars. No British fish and chips here, just salty pinchitos de boquerones doused in vinegar. 

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