Calar Alto Observatory Webcams, Almeria

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Calar Alto Observatory Webcams, Almeria

If you’re going to build an astronomical observatory, you don’t want anything, including clouds, to block the view of your telescopic lenses. While the Calar Alto Observatory installation might stick out like several sore thumbs against the surrounding Andalusian landscape, its five telescopes have almost uninterrupted views to the heavens. 

The Calar Alto Observatory sits on top of the highest peak, Calar Alto, of the Sierra de los Filabres mountain range in southern Spain. It’s an area known for its dry atmospheric conditions which produces minimal nighttime cloud coverage. If the observers at the observatory have spotted any unidentified flying objects they’re not letting on. They have discovered several minor planets though and tagged them with names that, unless you’re an astronomer, might as well come from an undeciphered alien language. Keep it simple guys – Calar Alto 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 would have done just fine.

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