Sierra de Líjar Mountain Range Cams in Cádiz

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Sierra de Líjar Mountain Range Cams in Cádiz

These two views of the Sierra de Líjar mountain range near Cadiz in Spain will turn out to be a little more exciting than you might initially think if you keep your eyes peeled. No, you don’t need to keep your eyes on the brush covered slopes, but on the sky instead. It won’t be birds you’ll be spotting either although you might see some Griffon vultures or Bonelli’s eagles circling around too.

The low-lying mountains of this Spanish range located near Algodonales are a favourite spot for hang gliding. While there’s plenty of space for swooping over the countryside here, it’s the fact that you can drive right up to the take-off point that makes it even more popular. Not having to hike up a dirt track while lugging heavy hang gliding equipment is a big bonus and one that means the gliders can save their energy for soaring through the air. And they do – all year round and who wouldn’t when you can fly like a bird over scenery like this?

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