Bay of Hyères, Looking Toward Porquerolles Island

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Bay of Hyères, Looking Toward Porquerolles Island

There’s no arguing that Hyères, a coastal town in the south of France about halfway between Marseille and St Tropez, is a town with a view.

On a sunny day via this live feed focused on the Bay of Hyères with Porquerolles Island in the distance, you’ll catch glimpses of the beauty of this part of the French Riviera, the town’s marina, some palm trees and a super stretch of beach. Absolutely stunning

That all changes when it’s winter. Then you’ll be straining your eyes to spot the ghostly sails of yachts skimming the waves as they emerge out of the sea mist like a hoard of marauding pirates on a mission. There’s not much ransacking going on these days so they’re probably just all rushing shorewards to be on time for lunch or dinner. The French can be very particular about mealtimes and anyone who’s late runs the risk of walking the plank.

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