Milan Skyline Webcam

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Milan Skyline Webcam

Milan may be the fashion capital of Italy, but it’s also a city that’s starting to get noticed for its incredible skyline. No, it doesn’t quite rival New York, at least not yet, but view this cam at sunset and apart from seeing the sun go down, you’ll get an interesting insight into the pollution levels in European cities.

As the sun streaks the Milan skyline with beautiful tones of red, orange and indigo, the Libeskind Tower and the other skyscrapers around it become bathed in a glow of gold. That all sounds poetic and definitely something you’d consider painting if you were artistic until you notice the sinister dark haze under the bands of opulent sunset colours. It’s not all combustion generated smog clouds though some of it is dust that rises into the air from farmlands outside of the city. It might be natural, but it’s still lung and vision-clogging just the same. Hopefully sometime soon the farmers will leave ploughing the fields until after it’s rained and then everyone can view the sun setting on the Milan skyline in all its glory rather than semi-shrouded in a dust cloud.

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