Place Centrale Webcam in Martigny

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Place Centrale Webcam in Martigny

There’s one thing that’s immediately noticeable when you view this webcam. Yes, the square in the city of Martigny in southwestern Switzerland is just as orderly as the rest of the country.

Martigny spreads its urban reach through part of the Rhone Valley and the lower foothills of the Swiss Alps. It’s a peaceful, postcard-pretty location where the mountain tranquillity is broken once a year by the clanging of cow bells. They’re not just any cow bells either, but ones worn by the bovines doing battle to become the queen of the cow fights. When you live at an altitude of around five-hundred metres it appears entertainment can be hard to find or maybe the alps block the local internet signal. Who knows. Still these cow fights get a thumbs up. They may be unusual but, unlike bullfighting, no humans are involved and the animals don’t get hurt which is moos-ic to the ears.

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