Bolvir Village and Landscape Webcam

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Bolvir Village and Landscape Webcam

At first glance Bolvir, an alpine village near Spain’s border with France, looks as though it will never make anyone’s list of must-visit places, but it does. While less than five hundred people reside in this quaint urbanisation of stone houses, that is statistically what can only be called hamlet-sized, that doesn’t mean it’s without some serious attractions.

Whatever the season of the year it may be, folks are only too happy to make the winding drive up the mountains to Bolvir from Girona, Barcelona and even further afield. Why? To hike through the surrounding national parks, play a game of golf on its world class courses, ski in one of the nearby winter resorts and if they have a sweet tooth, to stock up for Christmas on packets of turron, a local handmade sweet. If you’re planning on eating turron during the festivities, something no Spanish Christmas would be the same without, make sure to pre-book a dentist appointment as it’s a certified tooth-chipper and filling extractor.

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