Via Edouard Aubert Street Cam in Aosta

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Via Edouard Aubert Street Cam in Aosta

Viewing this live feed, of the Via Edouard Aubert in the mountain town of Aosta in northwest Italy, is more entertaining than watching a soap opera. The daily goings on never seem to stop.

From early morning onwards when the street cafes open for business until they close late at night there’s an almost constant toing and froing of people. It’s as if the entire population of Aosta, around thirty-four thousand, need to walk down this street at least once a day if not more. Whether it’s the fresh mountain air that encourages folks to take regular constitutionals, great coffee in the cafes or the impressive view of the Italian Alps at the end of the street, who knows, but wander they do. Then again they could just be following their noses to the local market to stock up their larders with some of the delicious salamis and cheeses the town is renowned for. Those, along with a chunk of crusty fresh bread, are the perfect picnic food to take on a hike through the nearby Gran Paradiso National Park.

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