Genoa Port View

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Genoa Port View

Genoa is a city in northwest Italy that has a long maritime history. With this webcam you can view its chaotic port area where the cruise and cargo ships dock to unload and load their cargoes. As you watch the comings and goings of daily port life, you may start to imagine what it might have been like back in the days when the Ancient Romans set off to plunder the world. Well, forget that, because thankfully, some things have changed over the centuries and they no longer do that.

These days plundering to fill the coffers of the emperors has given way to developing experimental ways of making the most, or more, of what’s on their doorstep. Conquering the terrestrial world has been replaced by the development of innovative underwater farming techniques offshore at Nemo’s Garden. It’s a lot more earth-friendly than cruise and cargo ships so they get a big thumbs up for that.

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